What is about ?

DT4S is a program to increase technology resources available to after school robotics clubs and under privileged kids who have an interest in Science, Math, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music.

DT4S a volunteer community service to collect, wipe clean, and re-distribute laptops, tablets, and phones to individuals and programs that can use the technology to fuel creativity and problem solving skill development in the community.

DT4S is not a booster club or affiliated with any school and is not setup to accept or provide any form of monetary donation.

DT4S is a very simple program designed facilitate getting technology into the hands of programs teachers and students that can use technology to teach and learn.

How does work ?

  1. Tech goes to depot at Galleria Mall Microsoft
  2. Professional volunteers re-format the devices and load new Windows operating systems.
  3. Community Distributes

How can I help?

Drop off devices @ any of these locations:

if you have 10 or more devices and can’t get to us, we can arrange pickup, email us at

Ideal Device Specs:

questions? want to volunteer? email:

Sponsors & drop off locations:

The Microsoft Store
St. Louis Galleria Mall
1155 Saint Louis Galleria,
s Saint Louis, MO 63117

4372 Green Ash Dr
Earth City, MO 63045

5988 Mid Rivers Mall Dr
St Charles, MO 63304